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Information systems design is a critical factor in the successful storage, retrieval, and deployment of health information, and augmented reality is making a valuable contribution in the field of Electronic Health Records. Anyone who regularly reviews quantitative information in numerical charts understands that many types of data can be more readily understood when placed in spatial terms. For example, a list of x/y coordinates with no further data is less intelligible than a plot graph that locates these coordinates in 2D space. Augmented reality is a 3D interface that will add another dimension to our experience of data for a wider array of possibilities. As the latest advance in simulation technology, augmented reality opens up the opportunity to place more information in a spatial context for ease of navigation and retrieval. While augmented reality has the capacity to enhance many types of activities and allow for greater functionality for many types of industries, it will also transform electronic data storage concepts for more precise and convenient data acquisition.

Augmented reality uses the camera on a mobile device as the source of its interface. Information can be placed directly into a user's viewpoint, with vivid 3D graphics and real-time data delivery. Augmented reality applications can leverage facial recognition software to bring up EHR records that correspond to the specific patient presented on the device's view, thus streamlining the intake process and the clinician consultation. Just as spreadsheets and timelines organize data into a spatial context for ease of use, augmented reality can display the information into a navigable 3D virtual space for remote data organization and access. Information can be linked to 3D environments, avatars, and virtual objects. Navigational arrows can appear dynamically as needed to guide users through data and allow for more precise and detailed information logged into a spatial context. Users of data will be able to see the landscape of data at a glance, gleaning more information in less time. Clinicians can be prompted to ask specific questions relevant to the current and ongoing conditions with which the patient is presented, and then enter information based on reponses into the same EHR accessed by the application, keeping patient data current with every single visit in real time.

DDA is located just outside of Philadelphia and we specialize in the expert organization of computer data, whether it involves extensive database management, 2D graphic design or 3D computer modeling and

animation. Our team of seasoned professionals is prepared to address any custom software application design challenge. We developed our first Augmented Reality project in 2009 and we were awarded the Tabby Award for best healthcare iPad app for 2012. Our comprehensive skill set and years of experience allows us to handle any development project in-house, without recourse to third parties to complete the assignment. By maintaining control over all aspects of the software, we ensure complete integration of all components and keep production costs under control. We employ a logical, step-by-step approach that keeps our clients in the loop and implements innovative content in a robust, long lasting, and flexible format that is easy to use and easily updated for the most efficient database organization currently available.

To find out more about how Augmented Reality is poised to transform the world of electronic health records and how it can help the way your business or organization handles its information, contact us and we'll arrange a time to discuss the many opportunities ahead.

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